How Much Stuff Can You Do Right at the Same Time?

I have written many times about multi-tasking and in the meantime not a lot has changed – because you can hardly execute more tasks at the same time.

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If shaving/putting makeup on while simultaneously brushing your teeth didn’t convince you about how much multitasking can affect your capacity to focus… try to throw 10 oranges at once at someone and see how many end up caught. Repeat the procedure, but throw one orange at a time.

On the other hand, this technique of throwing oranges may seem familiar to you. Sometimes, while at the office, you can also see a mix of things flying around, including home brought meals, apples, vegetables or even trains.

“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.”

Albert Einstein

British scientists naturalized in the United States claim that joggling with more tasks at the same time may lead to decreased productivity by 40% and exposure to making mistakes is thus greater. In other words, imagine if you need to sit down 10 times and multitasking will “help” you miss the chair four times. Looking at things from the opposite end kind of makes your arse hurt, right?!

If you consider doing more things at the same time when you should be paying attention to your main task (let’s say driving), multitasking might even endanger your life.

Most of the times we think it is something trivial doing several things at once, but the results are often times way beneath what was expected.

Let’s say you are in a meeting with your laptop turned on, being busy with other much more important stuff than the ones your colleagues were called for; don’t be surprised if someone asks you something and you don’t have a clue: “Could you please repeat the question, I didn’t quite hear it?” – You try to dodge the awkwardness after hearing your name.   

However, you can’t ignore the fact that many of the most simple tasks involve having multitasking skills. From stepping on the gas, checking the mirrors and pushing pedals while driving, to writing without checking the keyboard –these are different activities so they are given enough memory space.. However, I think you may also have experienced driving and forgetting to make a turn or not remembering much of the itinerary because your mind was someplace else.

Good luck succeeding! One achievement at a time, don’t be so hasty.

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