Everyone Cooks the Soup with the Same Water

What I mean is that basically everyone starts from the same water when cooking a soup and that getting to a different result/flavor is totally up to us. You can follow complex recipes; lately you can even watch every step on YouTube and have the best chances to end up with something delicious.

same water

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Unfortunately, not the same happens with your career. Not as quickly at least. The recipes are mostly missing and you need to do lots of tests to get the desired outcome. 

The first thing you should consider is to do something that clearly differs from anyone else’s approach. This doesn’t mean that if everyone goes right you should turn left, simply for the sake of making a difference. If you do something bad, but different, surely won’t help – on the contrary.

Motivation plays an extremely important role and without it you can’t build anything, that’s why it may help you if you aim to become more than you are now.

Once you have decided what you want to do and why you should choose the tactic. You can go to a conference about career progress and that’s that, all problems solved. Well, it doesn’t actually work like that. You can’t read a book on swimming and then jump into the water. You need a lot of practice and help to learn. You don’t need to achieve it all in one day, but rather repeat the same thing for a thousand days to reach the expected result. 

It’s only up to you how much effort you wish to invest and how many horrible soups are you willing to throw down the drain until getting the right one.

As always, there are some people who are going to tell you that they started by using wine, borsch or even coconut milk, however this doesn’t mean their soups aren’t all out of water too or that there cannot be some spectacular exceptions. 

Good luck succeeding cooking your career!

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