Why Don’t You Sneeze With Your Eyes Open?

Of course you can sneeze with your eyes open, is just that your body’s reflexes won’t allow you to, not before they activate the defense system. Now, please get back to your seats and pull out the tooth picks, napkins and paper clips from your nose so you may test this theory.


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Just don’t work yourself too hard about it or your eyes may pop out and bounce on the floor like Ping-Pong balls. If so, put them back into their sockets and they will work just fine, you already saw it in cartoons.

If you really wish to have fun, ask someone to shoot slow-motion while you sneeze.

You may wonder what our topic of the day is. Well, the same as sneezing, in our everyday life there are things that we do automatically – it’s an either conscious or unconscious self-preservation thing.

Either talking about the biggest boss or the smallest pawn in an organization, each of us has moments when we instinctively get into auto-protection mode and close our eyes,  even without noticing it.

Why is it good to close your eyes when you sneeze while at the office:

  • So your eyes won’t pop out from the struggle of getting things done right;
  • So you won’t see how you spray snot on everyone;
  • So you may dodge that crazy person running down the hallway, even though you are in the right and also keeping right;
  • So you may move forward when there is too much noise around;
  • So you ignore those who tell you won’t make it, though they don’t provide any help or alternatives.

Now, getting back to the doctor’s recommendations, you may want to cover up your nose and mouth when spreading your self-defense all over the place.

The bigger the organization, the greater the chances of encountering more sophisticated self-preservation mechanisms, up to the point when you may close  your eyes as of saying hello.

Good luck sneezing!

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