Time Management Sucks

Dears, relying on time management techniques definitely suck and it’s a lot like treating a severe toothache with dandelion tea. Arugula tea, pardon me, we are sophisticated enough to know that they are two different “shades of green”, aren’t we?

time management

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I am sorry to disappoint you, but time is not manageable. It simply doesn’t cooperate, it’s quite stubborn; trust me on this one, I have tried and failed. You can attend multiple conferences held by several motivational people at the same time – you won’t be able to make an hour last 80 minutes, no matter what they promise.

It’s wrong to state that you manage time, but you can manage what you choose to do in a certain time frame. For example, you can set a very realistic objective of losing 3 kilos in 6 months. You can measure progress in the following three months by acknowledging you only have 5 kilos left to reach your goal. Well…

You might be busy and also have a lot to do all day, but this doesn’t imply that getting more time will also enable you to get more things done.

If you archive a few emails, attend a couple of meetings and take a spin on Social Media – you’d realize it is four o’clock already and you haven’t done anything. Something must be wrong!

You should start by writing down your daily activities. There are plenty of apps that do this for you quite effectively, starting with the ancient excel. The more detailed the list, the better. At the end of the day/week you must check it against the time that were supposedly managing.

Furthermore, by next week, things should be a lot easier as you’ve already taken out the time consuming stuff. Please don’t tell me that what you do daily falls under the extremely useful and efficient category – I don’t buy it! If it would’ve been so, you shouldn’t have any trouble with meeting DEADlines or the daily task load.

Now, getting back to the infamous list, set some priorities so you manage to accomplish the most important tasks by noon and check what you can delegate (assuming you hold a management position).

The same as daily rituals concerning personal hygiene, exercising, and relaxation – some job rituals will come in handy.

If the famous saying “garbage in – garbage out” reflects accurately the quality of your work, consider adhering to “good stuff in – good stuff out”.

Good luck succeeding!

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