I Trust You

Even though for many employees it may sound weird, a manager should trust you. Yeah, exactly. This is how an environment where mutual respect is quickly built looks like.

trust you

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If this is not the case and the employee is presumed guilty, ‘cause they must have done something wrong, this means you may be facing an over-controlling approach and you have a manager for whom micromanagement is quite normal.

In any company where high performance is the ultimate goal, there should be a minimum level of confidence. You cannot expect your people to deliver unless you prove that you trust them.

If most employees wish to have a manager they can trust, the other way round is not always true. Without generalizing, I noticed a tendency among managers to be suspicious with their subordinates. This may lead, in time, to a demotivated team that doesn’t deliver the expected results. Not even having a thief among the employees does justify checking everyone’s pockets when leaving the HQ – just because there must be some other delinquents out there.

“Leadership is about what you do when no one’s watching.” Robin Sharma

As a manager you need to trust your team, first because you don’t have the time to check on each of them and certainly because they simply need to do their job. There certainly has to be a way to measure what they do, along the way, but that’s another issue.

Trust means also efficient communication. CO – mmunication is a two way street, don’t be surprised if no one is listening when you don’t listen.

Another clue for realizing if the manager trusts you or not it’s the empowerment you get in decision making – according to company policies. In (too) many cases, the manager pokes his/her nose in or around the employee’s decision out of lack of confidence or plain stupidity.

A manager can show his/her trust by showing respect, helping, listening, covering your back when the case and by providing the autonomy you need to keep doing your stuff without constraints.

Good luck succeeding! Trust you will!

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