Week 33 Inspiration 2019

As exciting as it can be to lead your team through good times and bad, leadership also comes with a lot of tough stuff

During the summer, workplace productivity goes down 20 percent

“Even the greatest was once a beginner. Don’t be afraid to take that first step.”

Muhammad Ali

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Camaraderie is getting to know each other outside the workspace

Asking the right questions tells your prospect that you understand their business

“If something is wrong, fix it now. But train yourself not to worry, worry fixes nothing.”

Ernest Hemingway

A great coaching leader will use their own story or those of others — whatever it takes to get from the head to the heart

Visibility into your pipeline is important, but how you keep deals moving is just as crucial

“If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six sharpening my axe.”

Abraham Lincoln

A great leadership coach will challenge you, encourage you, confront you, affirm you and provoke you

An effective sales team understands the big picture and the context of their team’s work to the greatest degree possible

“Self-discipline is when your conscience tells you to do something and you don’t talk back.”

W. K. Hope

Make it your daily habit to read, learn something new, and improve yourself consistently

If you want to use Google search to its full potential, take a look at our guide to help you achieve better search results

“You are accountable for your actions, your decisions, your life; no one else is, but you.”

Catherine Pulsifer

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