You Can’t Even Imagine How Much You Can Achieve Without Email

I am not starting a cult called “Without email”, but statistically speaking, if you are employed and have a business email account – you are in great danger for the electronic letter to eat your heart out.

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I have written about it before, here, here and here, about managing the email in and out-box. However, today we are going to talk about the life changing revelation of closing the email app when you are doing something else and how can this impact your productivity. Closing it for a limited period, don’t despair yet. 

In other words, early in the morning you check your inbox – it’s quite normal to do it even before using the potty. Then, you’ll get a chance to see what misfortunes have occurred, who pushed some of their tasks onto you and some other common office stuff. 

A big part of your emails you can toss in the already familiar folders: “to do” and “solved”, because those you are carbon copied in went already to the CC folder. Finally, you get to your office and start working on… guess what? – Your emails.

Let’s get back to modern slavery, also called ‘email’, or your day to day addiction actually, – it’s time to start ignoring it for a change. We are exactly at that particular moment of the day when you are done with the world’s emergencies and start doing the actual work – hopefully is not 4 o’clock already ‘cause it won’t end up well.   

If your job is comprised primarily of answering emails, go back to yours and just read the last paragraph. 

If you need to write a report, the first thing you must do is turn off the email. Really turn it off. Not letting it idle or silent, not grabbing a chair and let it sit in front of you where you can see it. Because it won’t sit still! It’s naughty, starts fidgeting, and asks if you want to play with it, maybe tell a story about what you did last night and so on. A real attention killer!

If you are working in sales, turn off the email and start calling the customers according to the CRM system you are using daily. DON’T turn on the email if you didn’t reach a certain number of calls. If one of the customers is asking for a presentation via email, send it and close the app immediately. 

Try for a week this strategy of closing the email app and only then you get to say if it works for you or not. Obviously, if your job involves sending emails 99% of the time, you can’t close it and look out the window – although this may also be helpful from time to time. 

Good luck succeeding!

P.S.: I wrote this article during a flight, uninterrupted by important or spam emails, not even by spam visits.

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