5 Most Read Articles of 2019

You’ll find below 5 of the most read articles of 2019, a corporate, fine dining menu with vegan steaks and leadership deserts, seasoned with personal experiences, more or less spicy. Click on each title to open the articles.


I’m dying

It’s been a few years now since I keep saying I will be dying soon enough as as I have reached my mid age; I plan to hold on to that promise, meaning to get to 90. Years, not kilos.



Why Going Back to A Company You Worked For?

When you get a job at a new company, it may happen that you won’t find there all that you have hoped for and then it’s very likely to think about going back to your previous employer.

going back


Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

You’d better spend time considering why you comparing yourself to others. What does this do for you other than making you a little or a lot frustrated? It’s quite different to be motivated by someone better – rather than starting the day with “I am not as (insert frustration here)” which is not doing anyone any good.



I Trust You

Even though for many employees it may sound weird, a manager should trust you. Yeah, exactly. This is how an environment where mutual respect is quickly built looks like.

trust you


Nothing Will Work When You’re Not OK

Everything around has a direct or indirect connection to what you do and nothing will work when you’re not OK. Why is that? Because you have a great influence on everything that happens to you… how about that?!

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