How’s Your Sense of Humor at the Office

Even if this may sound simple, the sense of humor at the office isn’t something that everyone is endowed with. More than this, if you are a manager and all your subordinates laugh at the cool jokes you make, doesn’t necessarily mean you are a funny man/woman.

Sense of Humor

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When you are a manager, don’t imagine that suddenly you become funnier, it’s just the simple fact that subordinates tend to laugh differently when the boss tells a joke compared to the joke of a colleague. It can also involve some arse-kissing attitude, something meant to show the boss is the best no matter what he/she says; or it may be something subconscious. The more mature the team and sane the manager, these tendencies seem to get to a manageable level and in the end, it all leads to a friendly work environment.

Don’t joke about your performance or your employees’ performance, because no one will take you seriously when you need to correct something that isn’t working properly.

If someone made an error at work, no matter the nature of the error – if you joke about it or worse, if you make fun of the person responsible for it, you set a bad example. You don’t get to joke about Johnny, the mechanic who lost an arm in the machines room during yesterday’s shift, nor about Danny from Sales who swore at a customer; it’s not normal to laugh about such incidents. It’s one thing to laugh with your colleagues and another to laugh at them.

On the other hand, we like to collaborate with cheery, good humored people, not with those who are grumpy and constipated. When the things are tense at work, a good joke can really make a difference, though it doesn’t mean you should turn into the team’s buffoon. If you are not comfortable doing this, better not try too hard to lift the spirits, as it may turn into quite the opposite, ain’t it funny…

Humor is one of the most efficient weapons when you are engaged in a conflict, but without mocking the opponent. Also, when you take yourself too seriously, you won’t be able to get over the hard times or failures.

Office humor helps you become more productive, alleviates stress, helps solve difficult situations, improves collaboration with other colleagues, relaxes you and contributes to your good mood.

As usual, the best approach is joke about yourself and this also applies outside work too.

Good luck succeeding!

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