“It’s Going To Be OK” Is Not a Long Term Strategy

Positive thinking is what helps you to move on, to progress, but without a proper strategy and some concrete actions, it’s not just “going to be OK”. The same principle applies when you need to pull some weeds from the garden, just thinking about it will not solve the issue.


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It’s quite hard to get somewhere without a plan and in order to set a strategy – for the company, for your department or your own personal development – you need to understand the internal and external factors with a direct and indirect impact.

Once you get past this stage, you need to clarify what makes you different and set an action plan, to help you achieve your goals, with some well defined criteria to measure progress. Without complicating things much, you need to know where you are, where you want to get and how to get there. 

A business strategy for the next 10 years may seem futuristic or even surreal now, but this doesn’t mean you can’t start working on it and that it will remain unchanged during the entire period. For a decade you should rather think about a vision, while a strategy can be scaled to three-five years, in line with the expected results. Considering the pace technology evolved during the last years, it’s possible that the long term plans will turn into short term ones. 

If we were to discuss a local, specific strategy, you have to make sure it is aligned with the regional or the global one. In other words, you cannot have a plan that contradicts the big strategy. It’s like packing for the seaside when you actually need to go to the mountains. 

Even if we are talking about a festive dinner, a vacation or next year’s budget, you need to prepare a well-structured plan, as calling it a strategy may be too much. Last but not least, the best plan in the whole wide world holds no value unless it’s put into action; otherwise it’s simply a well written story.

It’s not enough just to think it will be OK.

Good luck succeeding!

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