How do you work from home?

More and more companies provide you with the opportunity to work from home, depending on the nature of the activity. However, there are cases where something significant has to happen for a fundamental change. Some companies have been offering this option for a long time, limiting the number of days for it, others didn’t even want to hear about it.

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In order to differentiate the will and the ability from the beginning, in some cases it simply doesn’t work to work from home and you can try to imagine how can work from home apply to doctors, nurses, couriers, shop cashiers, pharmacists, drivers, pilots miners, boxers, craners, fishermen, firefighters, divers and examples can continue,  jokes aside or not.

I have written in the past why I believe that work from home or telework can help both employees and employers, but if you do not exceed the recommended weekly / monthly dose, the benefits are definitely more. Meanwhile, the situation has changed radically due to the impact of corona virus worldwide, and some companies have adapted their activity so as to offer this alternative in order to continue their activity, while others have temporarily closed their gates.

Regardless of which part of the monitor you are, it is not easy to work from home, especially as the limitation of leaving the house and the social distance have a negative effect on the physical health and more so on the mental wellness.

What would help you when you work from home:

  • to wake up earlier, to finish some of the work, the most important activities you can do much better and faster until everyone else wakes up and the all the “fun” begins;
  • to use headphones, first of all to stay as far away as possible from the “noise” around, but also to protect those around you;
  • when both parents work from home try to alternate breaks as much as possible so that the children do not feel “abandoned”;
  • the biggest risk is that you work too much. The bosses fear that people who work from home do not do that much, which is stupid. On the contrary, so they won’t create the wrong impression, people are more active when they work from home than when they are in the office, and those who want to just fake it can do it very easily at the office, under your nose;
  • to plan your day-to-day activities more rigorously than when you were at the office, because at the opposite end of working too much is “leave it for later”, while finding a lot of ”domestic” things you can do;
  • never neglect interaction with colleagues, but neither with family, extremes are never recommended;
  • to be able to completely stop the “work” from home after a certain hour;
  • to exercise. When you go to the office you move from one place to another, while at home you are limited to the existing space, but that does not mean that you should be stuck in a chair for hours. There are thousands of hours of exercise on YouTube, but if no example suits you, going up the stairs to the top floor to check if it rains and back downstairs to check the mailbox a few times a day is very effective;
  • to make sure the boss knows what you’re doing, don’t assume he knows what you’re doing. If you are proactive with what you do, e.g. a regular activity summary (on daily or weekly basis), will show them that you keep the focus on your job and decreases the risk to have them checking every hour if you have been to the potty;
  • comply with company policies, especially with regards cyber security;
  • keep a minimal level of socializing with your colleagues: the best option is to create (if you don’t already have) a private communication group using one of the social networks, in which includes a video option. Without the bosses, just for you.

If you have small children, everything becomes more difficult, because they do not understand how you can not pay the attention they were used to and “not now” or “be quiet” can have a negative effect on the parent-child relationship. Try to create a work environment for them too and not push them away. It is better to take 10-minute breaks from time to time and focus on them briefly than to make them feel rejected.

It’s not easy, but working from home will help us get through these difficult times, and in many cases it will make the difference between staying afloat (even if you get to swallow a bit of water) and the bankruptcy of the company you work for.

You have to get used to the idea that at home it will be much more difficult for you to stay away from interruptions, and spam of all kinds will invade your work space, from interaction with the family, to the neighbor who asks to borrow some yeast, disastrous TV news or the dog who wants to go out more often than usual.

If you work from home it does not mean that you have to do this all day and all night long and that you should comply as much as possible with the normal work schedule.

Good luck succeeding!

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