Week 49 Inspiration 2017

At the end of the day, everyone’s different, and what works in motivating one employee may not necessarily work for another

Week 48 Inspiration 2017

Conflicts can be frequent, often petty, and very costly between people speaking different languages, from different generations

Week 47 Inspiration 2017

The better people feel about their contributions, the better the morale of the group, which contributes to a positive work environment.

Week 46 Inspiration 2017

There are ways to lesson your boss's impact on your success and well-being

Week 45 Inspiration 2017

Based on Gallup's research, today's workers want to be able to work off-site full time (35%) or even part time (37%), though few employers offer that option

Week 44 Inspiration 2017

Great sellers are naturally curious and they can't help but ask questions to learn more about how they can help

Week 43 Inspiration 2017

Constantly fixing a problem may seem like positive action but in fact you are avoiding solving the problem

Week 42 Inspiration 2017

All employees, regardless of level, role or department, want to be valued, appreciated and feel important

Week 41 Inspiration 2017

Loyal customers who will advocate on your behalf often have a strong emotional connection to your company

Week 40 Inspiration 2017

The most important reason you need to set goals is because they provide direction

Week 39 Inspiration 2017

The mark of great leadership is not only found in what you say, but in how you say it

Week 38 Inspiration 2017

Focusing on your work while the workspace is full of distractions can be very tricky

Week 37 Inspiration 2017

Managing the brain well provides the foundation for a healthy and successful approach to work and to life

Week 36 Inspiration 2017

Leaders should make clear the relationship between the work that employees do on a daily basis and company results
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Week 35 Inspiration 2017