Week 38 Inspiration 2019

While you might not be able to control how someone else respects you, you definitely can control how you show respect for yourself

Week 37 Inspiration 2019

If you want to be a better public speaker, whether it's to speak at town hall meetings, pitch a client, or present your ideas internally, you need to ask for better feedback first

Week 36 Inspiration 2019

Being open to feedback from your team and using a coach who can observe and give you pointers are great ways to accelerate the process

Week 35 Inspiration 2019

Think about all the changes you can make by giving, listening, engaging and having conversations with your customers

Week 34 Inspiration 2019

There are many benefits to practicing humility, to being in a state of non-pretence: it improves relationships across all levels, it reduces anxiety, it encourages more openness and paradoxically, it enhances one's self-confidence

Week 33 Inspiration 2019

An effective sales team understands the big picture and the context of their team’s work to the greatest degree possible

Week 32 Inspiration 2019

We’re facing great challenges in our workplaces, and any kind of chronic negativity that interferes with our ability to be smart is a real problem

Week 31 Inspiration 2019

Vacation time is vital for the employees’ physical and mental health as well as for work productivity and good managers should encourage them to take it

Week 30 Inspiration 2019

Salespeople lie is because they are running from the truth and they feel that if they buy into a false truth, then their world will become perfect

Week 29 Inspiration 2019

Lock yourself in the bathroom and hang a sign saying “digestive issues” if you have to, but really, print out the worksheet and take the time today to figure out your yesses!

Week 28 Inspiration 2019

I promise you that when you focus on being a true leader rather than an authoritarian boss, you will find it so much easier to earn respect and deliver better outcomes for your team and your organization

Week 27 Inspiration 2019

Make sure you respond to failure not with hostility but with a simple assessment of what went wrong, how similar mistakes can be avoided in the future

Week 26 Inspiration 2019

Building the habits that will help us reduce stress and burnout while increasing our wellness doesn't need to be complicated

Week 25 Inspiration 2019

Having a massive to-do list actually can backfire if you want to feel joyful and as though you're getting anywhere

Week 24 Inspiration 2019

Leaders who are either unskilled or unprepared are found in 51% of organizations, according to research on the state of leadership development across industries

Week 23 Inspiration 2019

Consider the assets you’ve developed (skills, knowledge, effort, and time) and the value you’ll get for providing them to somebody in a new job or opportunity (money, learning, opportunities, and experiences)

Week 22 Inspiration 2019

Employees recognize the difference between empty slogans and real commitment and will respond to an organization that walks the walk in creating a great place to work

Week 21 Inspiration 2019

Sometimes, we are able to choose the people with whom we work, but more often than not, those decisions are made for us

Week 20 Inspiration 2019

Working remotely can improve your productivity and overall happiness, as long as you have the tenacity and hardworking qualities necessary

Week 19 Inspiration 2019

There’s no success without risk, and most workers will have to brave tough conversations in order to achieve their goals

Week 18 Inspiration 2019

A manager needs to know each team member’s neuroticism to understand how their emotions and moods can change based on environmental and intrinsic influences

Week 17 Inspiration 2019

You need to be more before you can do more, and that means investing in yourself, the single greatest asset you will ever own, and the source of all your results

Week 16 Inspiration 2019

When team members get to know each other on a personal basis, you will see an increase in collaboration and better communication

Week 15 Inspiration 2019

Learning to seize control of the conversation with this technique gently is a game-changer for you and your group discussions

Week 14 Inspiration 2019

Sometimes the should voice gets so loud, it drowns out all my authentic wants and needs

Week 13 Inspiration 2019

Self-awareness, self-monitoring and self-management are critical to your effectiveness as a coach, and they are pronounced when you are working to help someone develop their leadership skills

Week 12 Inspiration 2019

Office temperature may not seem like a high priority, but it's clearly in every business' best interest to keep workers as comfortable as possible to maintain high levels of productivity

Week 11 Inspiration 2019

When busy people talk about not having enough time, it’s usually because they haven’t understood the value of their own time and prioritized it in the right way

Week 10 Inspiration 2019

Strategic thinkers are able to imagine the big picture, identify the possible impact of their decisions and project the way to get there

Week 09 Inspiration 2019

When your system works, and you have competent people who make good customer-focused decisions, everybody is happy