Week 16 Inspiration 2018

Emotional intelligence sets the tone for how we react both to other people’s emotions and our own, as well as how we handle life’s ups and downs

Week 15 Inspiration 2018

Try these ten bits of advice on how to effectively communicate, counter negativity, and generally how to gain confidence in the office and beyond
week 14

Week 14 Inspiration 2018

Leaders of the future invested in relationships and putting their employees first understand that such attributes and virtuous behaviors can have a drastic difference in how work is conducted

Week 13 Inspiration 2018

Regardless of the leadership styles, almost all business leaders share common traits that make them capable of the job

Week 12 Inspiration 2018

We are human. And, we need to understand that we share one thing in common with all our coworkers—whether we show emotion or not, they still exist, and they impact our ability at work

Week 11 Inspiration 2018

Your success is not determined on whether you are an optimist or pessimist, but rather how you choose your strategies to process information from both sides

Week 10 Inspiration 2018

When productivity is high, the results should also be high unless there is a lot of lost potential or waste happening with the daily actions

Week 9 Inspiration 2018

If you’re the boss and have been told of a conflict in the workplace that is affecting your staff negatively, it’s important to put an immediate plan into action in order to remedy it

Week 8 Inspiration 2018

Collaboration is the act of getting the people with a problem that needs to be fixed together with the people who are close enough to the potential solution that progress can be made

Week 7 Inspiration 2018

People have a much easier time receiving negative feedback when they are also reminded of their value within an organization

Week 6 Inspiration 2018

Effective conflict resolution can increase people’s understanding of one another and increase both their self-awareness and empathy

Week 5 Inspiration 2018

Sales managers cannot possibly create greatness without the ability to get everyone on the team to row in the same direction, with the same level of intensity

Week 4 Inspiration 2018

31% of employees waste about 30 minutes a day 31% of employees waste an hour a day 16% of employees waste two hours a day

Week 3 Inspiration 2018

Working for a bad boss sucks the life out of you and your career. Working for a good boss is fun and pleasant. Working for a great boss can change the trajectory of your entire career

Week 2 Inspiration 2018

Managers that show appreciation for their workers’ efforts may inspire them to put forth more effort while working